ACM SIGs—Leading Voices in the Computing Field

ACM’s Special Interest Groups (SIGs) represent the major areas of the dynamic computing field.  A primary source of original research and personal perspectives from the world's leading thinkers in computing and information technology, they foster technical communities within their respective specialties across countries and continents.

ACM’s SIGs are invested in advancing the skills of their members, keeping them abreast of emerging trends. They offer opportunities for networking with colleagues, staying connected to peers and negotiating the strategic challenges of the digital age.

SIGs drive innovation across a broad spectrum of computing disciplines, including programming languages, graphics and interactive techniques, computer‐human interaction, data science, mobile communications, artificial intelligence, education, and theory, among many others. They publish newsletters and magazines, encourage excellence through multiple recognition programs, and organize conferences and activities on a local-to-global scale.

SIG Conferences - Driving Innovation in Computing Technology

ACM SIGs sponsor more than 170 conferences, workshops and symposia worldwide, with attendance ranging from 20 to tens of thousands. These events enable individual technical communities to share expertise and facilitate the face‐to‐face interactions critical to the dissemination of novel and competing ideas. Many of these forums have become premier global events, bringing together the innovators and researchers who push computing technology forward.