2022 ACM Thacker Breakthrough in Computing Award recipient David Papworth

ACM Breakthrough in Computing Award Goes to David Papworth

ACM has named David B. Papworth, formerly of Intel (retired), as the recipient of the ACM Charles P. “Chuck” Thacker Breakthrough in Computing Award. Papworth is recognized for fundamental groundbreaking contributions to Intel’s P6 out-of-order engine and Very Long Instruction Word (VLIW) processors. Papworth was a lead designer of the Intel P6 (sold commercially as the Pentium Pro) microprocessor, which was a major advancement over the existing state-of-the-art, not just for Intel but for the broader computer design community.

Bob Metcalfe to Give His A.M. Turing Award Lecture at The Web Conference 2023

Bob Metcalfe has been named recipient of the 2022 ACM A.M. Turing Award for the invention, standardization, and commercialization of Ethernet. He will be delivering his Turing Lecture, "Connectivity," at The Web Conference 2023, on Sunday, April 30, 5 pm CT (10 pm UTC). In the lecture, Metcalfe will examine the most impactful influence on the human condition in recent history—the Internet, which could not exist without Ethernet. He also will reflect upon the history of Ethernet as well as its evolution and legacy. The lecture will be available via livestream.

2022 ACM A.M. Turing Award recipient Bob Metcalfe

查询澳洲5开奖结果号码|澳洲幸运5开奖结果查询官网Yael Tauman Kalai Honored with ACM Prize in Computing

ACM has named Yael Tauman Kalai, Senior Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research and an Adjunct Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the recipient of the 2022 ACM Prize in Computing for breakthroughs in verifiable delegation of computation and fundamental contributions to cryptography. Kalai’s contributions have helped shape modern cryptographic practices and provided a strong foundation for further advancements. Kalai has developed methods for producing succinct proofs that certify the correctness of any computation.

2022 ACM Prize recipient Yael Tauman Kalai

ACM Names 2022 Fellows

ACM has named 57 members ACM Fellows for significant contributions in areas including cybersecurity, human-computer interaction, mobile computing, and recommender systems among many other areas. The ACM Fellows program recognizes the top 1% of ACM Members for their outstanding accomplishments in computing and information technology and/or outstanding service to ACM and the larger computing community. In keeping with ACM’s global reach, the 2022 Fellows represent universities, corporations, and research centers in Canada, Chile, China, France, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States.

2023 Computer Science Curriculum Guidelines Revision

A joint task force of ACM, the IEEE Computer Society, and the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) is revising the Computer Science curricular guidelines which were last updated in 2013. The task force is updating the knowledge model and designing a complementary competency model of the curricula, and invites CS professionals to provide feedback and suggestions on all aspects of the curricula. It plans to have the curricular recommendations reviewed in March and again in July 2023, and also invites nominations and self-nominations of reviewers.

Register to View: DEI in Computing Education Webinar

Machine Learning has tremendous potential for developing tools to improve efficiency and accuracy in decision-making. However, ML also has the potential to lead to outcomes that reinforce human biases, disproportionately impact vulnerable populations, and violate notions of privacy. View the panel "Confronting Ethical Challenges in a High-Tech World," with Mehran Sahami and moderators Fay Cobb Payton and Susan Reiser as they explore some of the promise and perils that arise from Machine Learning to understand both some of the ethical issues and competing value trade-offs at stake.

What's Changed Post-Pandemic? A Conversation With Women in Computing.

The pandemic has fueled many changes—from the way we work to how big a role we allow technology to play in our life. Research also shows that the past three years have affected women in the workforce particularly hard. How has it been for women in computing? View the in-depth panel conversation on demand, "What's Changed Post-Pandemic? A Conversation With Women in Computing" featuring Jocelyn Simmonds, Jen Lamere, Yasmine Elglaly, and Hemangee Kapoor, moderated by Gloria Childress Townsend

ACM SIG Elections - Voting

The 2023 ACM SIG Elections are being conducted by a third party, Election Services Corporation (ESC).

The following SIGs are holding elections from 17 April to 1 June 2023 (16:00 UTC).


The following SIGs are holding elections from 4 April to 15 May 2023 (16:00 UTC).


The voting notification email was sent to the email address associated with your ACM/SIG membership. If ACM does not have an email address on file, members will receive the voting notification via postal mail.

TechBrief on Safer Algorithmic Systems

ACM TechBriefs is a series of short technical bulletins by ACM’s Technology Policy Council that present scientifically-grounded perspectives on the impact of specific developments or applications of technology. Designed to complement ACM’s activities in the policy arena, the primary goal is to inform rather than advocate for specific policies. The new edition states that the ubiquity of algorithmic systems creates serious risks that are not being adequately addressed. A recurring theme of the TechBrief is that while perfectly safe algorithmic systems are not possible, achievable steps can be taken to make them safer. To that end, it recommends that enabling safer algorithmic systems must be a high research and policy priority of governments and all stakeholders.

HotTopic Panel on Web Accessibility for All

ACM's US Technology Policy Committee (USTPC) hosted a HotTopics webinar session, "With Liberty and Web Accessibility for All: Getting the DOJ’s Upcoming Rulemaking Right"—now available on demand. The panel of ACM experts discussed what the new rules should look like, whether they can be crafted to well serve both user and business interests, what assistive technologies must they enable, if the new rules fully meet the needs of the one in four Americans affected by some form of disability, and how accessible websites should be designed to conform with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

USTPC Issues Revised Statement on Remote Proctoring

ACM's US Technology Policy Committee has released a Statement on Principles for the Development and Deployment of Equitable, Private, and Secure Remote Proctoring Systems. The statement provides a framework to guide those developing and deploying remote proctoring systems to ensure that these systems are private, secure, fair, and accessible for all users. The statement refines and expands upon principles first developed and published in August of 2021 as the COVID pandemic increased the use of, but not necessarily the adoption of, adequate policies and practices to govern such systems.

Meet Corinna Cortes

Corinna Cortes is a Vice President of Google Research in New York City, where she is working on a broad range of theoretical and applied large-scale machine learning problems. She has published numerous articles on topics including supervised learning by classification, and data mining. Cortes was recently named an ACM Fellow for theoretical and practical contributions to machine learning, industrial leadership, and service to the field. In her interview, she discusses her switch from physics to computer science, her work at Google Research, and more.

Corinna Cortes

ACM Opens First 50 Years Backfile

ACM has opened the articles published during the first 50 years of its publishing program, from 1951 through the end of 2000, These articles are now open and freely available to view and download via the ACM Digital Library. ACM’s first 50 years backfile contains more than 117,500 articles on a wide range of computing topics. In addition to articles published between 1951 and 2000, ACM has also opened related and supplemental materials including data sets, software, slides, audio recordings, and videos. Read the news release.

澳洲幸运5开奖结果查询官网-2023澳洲幸运5开奖查询-官网澳洲幸运五开奖历史记录Meet Jun Kato

Jun Kato is a Senior Researcher at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and the Technical Advisor at Arch Inc., an animation production company. He is interested in the broad area of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) with a focus on designing user-interfaces and integrated environments for creativity support. In his interview, Kato discusses his role at AIST, designing user interfaces and integrated environments for creativity support, how new AI tools are impacting multimedia generation, and more.

Jun Kato
Pat Pataranutaporn

Featured ACM ByteCast

ACM ByteCast is a podcast series from ACM’s Practitioner Board in which hosts Rashmi Mohan, Bruke Kifle, and Scott Hanselman interview researchers, practitioners, and innovators who are at the intersection of computing research and practice. Guests share their experiences, the lessons they’ve learned, and their own visions for the future of computing. In this episode—part of a special collaboration between ACM ByteCast and the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA)’s For Your Informatics podcast—hosts Sabrina Hsueh and Sullafa Kadura welcome Holly Urban, a pediatrician and clinical informaticist. Urban describes how she became interested in medical informatics, product design, and management, the importance of data literacy, and more

CHI 2023, April 23 - 28 (Hybrid)

The ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems is the premier international conference of Human-Computer Interaction. Workshops include "AI Literacy: Finding Common Threads Between Education, Design, Policy, and Explainability," "Sharing and Experiencing Hardware and Methods to Advance Smell, Taste, and Temperature Interfaces," "Behavioural Design in Video Games: Ethical, Legal, and Health Impact on Players," and more. Keynotes will be delivered by tech journalist Eva Wolfangel and Peter Kariuki (SafeMotos). The conference will be held as a hybrid event in Hamburg, Germany.

WebSci 2023, April 30 - May 1 (Hybrid)

The ACM Conference on Web Science is an interdisciplinary field dedicated to understanding the complex and multiple impacts of the Web on society and vice versa, co-located with the ACM Web Conference. The discipline is well situated to address pressing issues of our time by incorporating various scientific approaches. We welcome quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research, including techniques from the social sciences and computer science as well as work involving data collection and research ethics. This year's keynote speakers are Dhiraj Murthy (Moody College) and David Rand (MIT). The hybrid event is being held in Austin, Texas, USA.

The Web Conference 2023, April 30 - May 4

The ACM Web Conference is an annual international academic conference on the topic of the future direction of the World Wide Web, co-located with the ACM Conference on Web Science. It will offer will offer a high quality program made of research sessions, posters and demonstrations, a PhD symposium for junior scholars, workshops, tutorials, a developers track for practitioners, panels, a special track on web for good, and co-located special days. Keynote speakers include 2022 A.M Turing Award recipient Bob Metcalfe (MIT), Barbara Poblete (University of Chile), and others. The event will be held in Austin, Texas, USA with virtual components including live streaming of ceremonies and keynotes, access to pre-recorded videos of talks, and more.

View ACM’s 75th Anniversary Celebration On Demand

ACM organized a special one-day conference to celebrate its 75th anniversary. This event was truly a memorable day of panels featuring world-leading scholars and practitioners on topics central to the future of computing. Panelists imagined what might be next for technology and society. ACM’s 75th Anniversary Celebration took place at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco on June 10. View the livestream on demand. Visit the event webpage for more details, including the program.

2023澳洲幸运5开奖结果直播-澳洲5官网开奖直播软件Disentangling Hype from Practicality: On Realistically Achieving Quantum Advantage

In this article, Torsten Hoefler et al., take a look at quantum computers, which operate on fundamentally different principles than conventional computers. Quantum computers promise to solve a variety of important problems that seemed forever intractable on classical computers. And there is a maze of hard problems that have been suggested to profit from quantum acceleration: from cryptanalysis, chemistry and materials science, to optimization, big data, machine learning, database search, drug design and protein folding, and more. But which of these applications realistically offer a potential quantum advantage in practice?

More Than Just Algorithms

Dramatic advances in the ability to gather, store, and process data have led to the rapid growth of data science and its mushrooming impact on nearly all aspects of the economy and society. Data science has also had a huge effect on academic disciplines with new research agendas, new degrees, and organizational entities. Recognizing the complexity and impact of the field, Alfred Spector, Peter Norvig, Chris Wiggins, and Jeannette Wing have completed a new textbook on data science, Data Science in Context: Foundations, Challenges, Opportunities, published in October 2022.  With deep and diverse experience in both research and practice, across academia, government, and industry, the authors present a holistic view of what is needed to apply data science well.

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ACM Digital Library

Lifelong Learning

ACM offers lifelong learning resources including online books and courses from Skillsoft, TechTalks on the hottest topics in computing and IT, and more.


ACM Updates Code of Ethics

ACM recently updated its Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. The revised Code of Ethics addresses the significant advances in computing technology since the 1992 version, as well as the growing pervasiveness of computing in all aspects of society. To promote the Code throughout the computing community, ACM created a booklet, which includes the Code, case studies that illustrate how the Code can be applied to situations that arise in everyday practice and suggestions on how the Code can be used in educational settings and in companies and organizations. Download a PDF of the ACM Code booklet.

On March 3, 2022, ACM’s Executive Committee decided not to hold any conferences in Russia while the conflict in the Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis in Europe continue. This decision applies to ACM sponsored conferences and workshops as well as in-cooperation events.

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