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ACM's Special Interest Groups (SIGs) represent major areas of computing, addressing the interests of technical communities that drive innovation. SIGs offer a wealth of conferences, publications and activities focused on specific computing sub-disciplines. They enable members to share expertise, discovery and best practices.

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Chapters are the "local neighborhoods" of ACM. They serve as activity hubs for ACM members and the computing community at large, offering seminars, presentations, and opportunities to meet peers and experts in many computing fields.

SIGHPC 2022 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award

ACM’s Special Interest Group on High Performance Computing (SIGHPC) announced that Dr. Maciej Besta of ETH Zürich has won the 2022 SIGHPC Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award. This award is given each year for the best doctoral dissertation completed in high performance computing (HPC) in the previous year, and includes a $2,000 cash prize, a plaque, and recognition at the International Supercomputing Conference in November. Dr. Kazem Cheshmi of University of Toronto received Honorable Mention.

SIGAda Award Recipients

ACM’s Special Interest Group on Ada (SIGAda) announced the recipients of two awards recognizing outstanding technical contributions and distinguished service. Fabien Chouteau is the recipient of the 2022 ACM SIGAda Robert Dewar Award for Outstanding Ada Community Contributions for broad, lasting contributions to Ada technology & usage. Luis Miguel Pinho received the 2022 ACM SIGAda Distinguished Service Award for his exceptional contributions to SIGAda activities & products.

Design Automation Conference (DAC) Awards

The 2022 Design Automation Conference announced a pair of awards that have been conferred. The Marie R. Pistilli Women in Engineering Achievement Award was awarded to Michelle Clancy, CEO of Cayenne Global and marketing leader in the EDA sector. The Design Automation Conference Under-40 Innovators Award was received by Yanjing Li (University of Chicago), Luca Amaru (Synopsys), Hesham Omran (Ain Shams University), and Guangyu Sun (Peking University).

2021 SIGMM Rising Star Award Recognizes Multimedia Contributions

ACM's Special Interest Group on Multimedia (SIGMM) has named Jingkuan Song of the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China the recipient of the 2021 Rising Star Award in multimedia computing, communications and applications for his significant contributions in multimedia compact representation and analysis.

ACM SIGMM Rising Star Award recipient Jingkuan Song

2021 SIGMM Award Recognizes Outstanding Technical Contributions

ACM's Special Interest Group on Multimedia (SIGMM) has named Jiebo Luo the recipient of its 2021 Outstanding Technical Contributions to Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications Award in recognition of his outstanding pioneering and continued research contributions in the areas of multimedia content analysis and social media analytics, and for outstanding and continued service to the multimedia community.

ACM SIGMM Award recipient Jiebo Luo

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ACM's Special Interest Groups (SIGs) regularly cite outstanding individuals for their contributions in more than 30 distinct technological fields.


Virtual Conferences: A Guide to Best Practices

In March 2020 ACM formed a Presidential Task Force (PTF) to help conference organizers transition their events to online. The PTF is working on a guide to offer practical advice and shed light on the largely unfamiliar territory of online conferencing.

The report, available here, includes pointers to a live document with additional resources. We welcome comments, suggestions and experience reports from the community.

SIG Conference Planning Guide

Volunteer commitment and coordination is the foundation that makes an ACM conference successful. ACM provides a comprehensive planning guide with instructions and best practices to help create the best possible event.

Conferences Best Paper Awards

Best Paper Awards are presented at many ACM conferences to authors whose work represents groundbreaking research in their respective areas. By recognizing these select papers for their ingenuity and importance, ACM highlights some of the theoretical and practical innovations that are likely to shape the future of computing.

ZDNS: a fast DNS toolkit for internet measurement
By Liz Izhikevich, Gautam Akiwate, Briana Berger, Spencer Drakontaidis, Anna Ascheman, Paul Pearce, David Adrian, Zakir Durumeric
Community Contribution Award at IMC '22: ACM Internet Measurement Conference

Measurement and analysis of implied identity in ad delivery optimization
By Levi Kaplan, Nicole Gerzon, Alan Mislove, Piotr Sapiezynski
Distinguished Paper Award at IMC '22: ACM Internet Measurement Conference

The importance of contextualization of crowdsourced active speed test measurements
By Udit Paul, Jiamo Liu, Mengyang Gu, Arpit Gupta, Elizabeth Belding
Distinguished Paper Award at IMC '22: ACM Internet Measurement Conference

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